What Is the Importance of Law?

What is the importance of law

What Is the Importance of Law?

What is the importance of law? What is it that separates man from animals? What is it that makes men and women differ from one another and leads to societies’ constant division and separation? How is the importance of law defined and why must man understand it? What is the connection between society’s laws and the moral code?

According to philosophers, law is nothing more than the rules by which we can distinguish right from wrong. It also involves a system of rewards and punishments and is known as penal law. The idea behind this concept is that there is something which, in the end, outweighs the good. A person may break a law if that rule infringes on his/her rights. If the law does not allow an activity to be carried out, then the behavior is not morally right.

Since, according to many philosophers, law is nothing more than a code, one could argue that laws promote morality. They help us to make sense of our world. For example, children who obey the law are rewarded in the end. This shows that, although some people disagree about the value of laws, they are mostly right about the importance of laws.

A further argument for the importance of law is that, without laws, there would be chaos. People will have no way to distinguish right from wrong. There will be no law preventing them from stealing, rape or harming others. Without a moral code, the only thing that differentiates between right and wrong is the desire of individuals to do good. With a society’s moral code, a person’s actions are always morally right.

In addition to the above arguments, law is necessary because it establishes the orderliness and the consonance of society. A law which allows murder but not theft, for example, will prevent order from being disrupted. It also makes certain that the society adheres to a standard of conduct which is essential to guarantee its continued existence. Without laws, this society would crumble because individuals would freely choose to violate the moral code.

Many modern people still believe that there are some inherent qualities of laws which are beyond understanding. One of these is that it promotes fairness. The belief is that we should not allow ourselves to get trapped in an “eye for an eye” mentality, where the law is used to persecute and unjustly punish those who do wrong. Although the question “what is the importance of law?” continues to puzzle experts, there is no doubt that laws are important to help us to understand ourselves and society better.